Our Mission:
To design unstoppable marketing using unbeatable creativity.

Our team strives to fulfill your company's advertising and marketing needs with the high-quality, effective communication products and services you need.

We pride ourselves on our close client relationships that make it easy to understand what our customers need. This allows us to combine powerful design and creative tactics with customized, market-driven strategy that will make your company stand out from the rest.

Market Research
A thorough market research study can help you target your products/services to the right customers. This communication tool is very useful and should not be overlooked in your overall strategy.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement
We design diverse measurement tools to determine if your message is understood by your customers, as well as your employees and associates.

Marketing Strategy
We can conduct a needs/opportunities analysis and recommend marketing strategies and tactics. Some of the elements of this project will include evaluating strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We can also examine your current client base to recommend specific marketing outreach and programs for client acquisition and retention.

Corporate Identity
Our creative team will concept and design a logo which will communicate to your audiences your company's philosophy in a clear and meaningful style. A tagline will compliment your logo and advertising and will convey the objectives of your company to your customers.

Corporate Effects/Stationery
Your company's logo, tagline and business information will be incorporated on letterhead, envelopes, business cards, mailing labels, and fax cover sheets in a creative format.

Public Relations
We can develop a public relations campaign that includes research, interviewing and copy-writing for press releases and feature articles. Public Relations is an inexpensive and effective means to keep the company name in sight of your target markets.

Capabilities Brochure
We can concept and design a capabilities brochure or sales presentation folder that reflects your company's style. Products and services are featured in a meaningful manner which your clients will appreciate and refer to often.

Advertising Campaigns
Our creative talents in print advertising will focus on your product or service. Your message will be noticed in newspapers, magazines and trade journals.

Internal and external newsletters for your company need not be a challenge. We will concept, design, layout and write a newsletter to effectively communicate to your current and prospective clients, employees and other audiences.

Annual Reports
Let us "sweat the details". Your annual report represents a large investment in your company's image. We implement efficiencies, establish a timeline to keep the team on track, and allow your managers to manage the company–not the report.

Website Development, Design & Consultation
Morse + Harris Marketing will take advantage of the unique capabilities the web offers, and couple them with a design that enhances both the access to information, and the impact of the message. It will be designed in such a way to present a structure that is straightforward and expedient to navigate with copy that is powerful, succinct and to the point.

e-Newsletters have become one of the most effective ways to provide valuable information to employees, clients, and prospects, in addition to promoting events and news. It can be one of the best tools to strategically manage your marketing efforts. Morse + Harris Marketing can aid your organization in those efforts from concept, design, and writing, to database creation and maintenance of your e-Newsletter.