Our Mission:
Execute unstoppable marketing strategies using
unbeatable creativity.

Our M+H team is trained with the necessary skills and acumen to fulfill virtually every marketing mission. Listening the to our clients’ needs and paying attention to the small details, we create strong, innovative campaigns using both traditional and interactive strategies for full-impact.

We believe the “Why” is just as important as the “What” when it comes to every service Morse + Harris Marketing offers. At the end of the day, we know that we will only succeed at our mission by helping others achieve their own. We just happen to help by providing award-winning creative and marketing solutions.

Advertising Campaigns
Creating full-reaching, cost-effective advertising campaigns from start to finish. Campaigns range in depth and scope based on budgets but can include print, outdoor, television and radio. The messages are consistent and the creative is relevant, inspiring and measurable.

Annual Reports
Sweating the details, which means implementing efficiencies, establishing timelines, researching, writing and producing what ultimately is one of the most valuable investments to support a company's brand.  

Brand Identity
Defining the brand, positioning the brand, and delivering the brand. Getting buy-in from all the invested parties, and crafting the plan to communicate that brand on all levels. Brand identity includes but is not limited to logos, positioning lines and everything in between.

Brochure Identity
Designing marketing pieces of various sizes and objective from a capabilities brochure to a sales presentation folder, which directly reflect a client’s style – using color, fonts and themes to compliment the overall brand.

Crisis Management
Identifying potential emergency situations and creating plans to effectively communicate with all internal and external audiences in a timely, authoritative and knowledgeable manner. It’s about expecting the unexpected and being ready.

Customer Satisifaction Measurement
Utilizing analytics, surveys, and research along with custom-designed measurement tools to determine customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Direct Mail
Researching the target audience to determine the correct mailing demographics, and creating unique and eye-catching direct mail pieces, which offer measurement components for determining effective ROI.

Marketing Research
Conducting thorough market research studies to identify the most effective marketing strategies and reach the appropriate target audience. A key tool in any marketing plan, market research may include customized focus groups in primary market regions.

Media Training
Helping clients build relationships with the media, develop a strong sense of presence while interviewing and training clients to provide the essential information and craft sound media management strategies.

Public Relations
Managing reputations and influencing public perception through comprehensive public relations campaigns which include research, media training, writing effective press releases, pitching timely stories, and building relationships with the media, the market and the audience.

Producing newsletters from start to finish – concept, design, layout, writing, and publishing – in order to communicate with current and prospective clients, employees, and more.

Special Events
Coordinating events from small business meetings to galas takes strong organizational skills and a creative flare. These types of projects include location scouting, vendor coordination, marketing materials, and event production.

Strategic Planning
Forming a solid, comprehensive blueprint, which dictates marketing initiatives, objectives and measurable goals. This takes conducting needs/opportunities analysis, examining the marketing place and recommending specific, measurable marketing strategies.

Writing Services
Blogging, social media, press releases, feature articles and op-eds – each form of communication take a special voice and a honed talent of the written word.

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