Our Mission:
To design and implement unstoppable interactive marketing using unbeatable creativity and strategic planning.

Interactive Marketing is about having a conversation with those important to your company – clients, employees and potential partners, and it involves everything your organization does both online and off.

Identifying online patterns and relationships gathered from customer data (actions, purchasing, etc.) to increase effectiveness of marketing programs.

Application Development
Developing custom, cost-effective software product (app) that can deliver unique online customer experiences and increase brand loyalty.

Brand Management
Defining the brand, positioning the brand, and delivering the brand. Basically it’s the art of creating and sustaining the brand, which helps engage and keep customers committed.

Customer Engagement
Crafting messages and strategies to include audience interaction. This could include contests, surveys and programs, which engage customers in conversation and feedback.

Email Marketing
Reaching the right people at the right time with messaging that resonates and motivates. Email campaigns that drive traffic to the client’s site.

Lead Generation
Identifying and securing customers who are likely to pursue a client’s product or service, thus transitioning from a lead to a valuable customer.

Mobile Marketing
Using cutting-edge technology to develop widgets and mobile apps that enhance mobile devices through interactive Web-like virtual experiences.

Online Marketing
Targeting audiences by reaching them where they visit online via display advertising, pay-per-click campaigns and organic search management.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Creating targeted online ad campaigns to reach potential customers where they visit online, and driving traffic to client’s website.

Reputation Management
Tracking and reporting relevant to a company’s online reputation so that marketing strategies and brand positioning can have positive effects on that reputation and bottom-line.

Search Engine Marketing
Applying Web 2.0 practices (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube videos, etc.) to drive traffic to client’s website.

Search Engine Optimization
Boosting a website’s ranking on search engines, making client’s site easier to find via keywords, meta tags and more.

Social Media
Creating effective social media campaigns to quickly and cost-effectively assemble an army of advocates and influence others.

Producing videos from hi-def TV commercials to Webcast video messages, and in-house 3D modeling and digital animation for video, flash, print or Web.

Website Design & Development
Providing cutting-edge, effective website design and developing a website that is user-friendly, timely and communicates the client’s brand.

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